Microdermabrasion at Oasis Beauty – Day Spa & Laser Clinic

Microdermabrasion at Oasis Beauty – Day Spa & Laser Clinic

Its always wonderful to being asked to do reviews as ever, especially when its something I’ve never had done and also to give a helping hand to a new business. And I’ve always wondered about Microdermabrasion and if it was really another one of those ‘flash in the pan’ beauty treatments.


Now at the time of the treatment, I was felling pretty rotten, suffering from a virus and particularly run down, so it couldn’t have been more welcome. In the heart of Dublin, Silvia Sylwia has opened her beauty business simply called ‘Oasis Beauty’ in Smithfield with a massive array of treatments. (One including a body pod, which certainly caught my eye!)


The professionalism, attention to detail and the simple tranquility of the place is just an inkling of what’s to come. But I guess everyone really wants to know one thing….did it WORK?

Photo-18-11-2016-17-30-15 (1).jpg

To answer the burning question…..YES it does and really beautifully.

So as processes go, this had the absolute feel of a spa day as all clients of Oasis Beauty receive disposable slippers when they coming for treatments along with a cosmetic tunic, before getting nice and cosy on the heated bed. After the quick analysis, we were ready for the microdermabrasion followed with an organic Radiant Phyt’s facial.

‘Microdermabrasion is a progressive skin rejuvenation treatment which will refine and resurface your skin over 5 weeks. It will help with blocked pores, congested skin, post-acne scars, small wrinkles and gentle pigmentation so it was a great start to the main facial’ http://oasisbeauty.ie/treatments/skin-purifying-treatments.html


Regarding to the facial, oxygenating and anti-ageing masks and serums were used. Including all this!

Gentle facial cleansing with hydrating, milky cleanser. Sunflower oil, verbena, lemon and hazelnut to leave the skin soft, perfectly cleansed and prepared for the next step of the treatment. The skin is then toned with a gentle toner which main ingredient was bitter orange (great for broken capillaries and sensitive skin), verbena and mallow (again – anti-inflammatory properties).

The microdermabrasion treatment followed on the whole face and neck, which really was quite pleasant and not invasive or as scary as it sounds. Once finished this then allows for all the absorbtion of all the good stuff!

Including an oxigenating, anti-ageing serum together with soothing mask (containing mandarin and orange peel). Then with mask in place, Silvia performed a pressure point massage to stimulate main areas on the face for a better circulation but also for a deeper relaxation as pressing on the specific points on the skin helps ‘switch off’ and relax even deeper.

Again this was followed with a face, neck and shoulders massage. Bliss!!

After the massage, a soothing cream mask and a dry scalp massage let up to I finishing the treatment with the application of moisturizing cream with active, stable VIT. C and SPF 50.

At that stage I was cross eyed but my skin looked entirely different. As I mentioned this treatment continues to improve the skin over the course of five weeks, so to say I was happy with the result is an understatement.

I’ll let the photo do the talking……


So who wouldn’t want clarity and beautiful skin in such an easy manner?

You can check out my treatments and many others on their website


or simply call



Amazing spa packages are available, as well as Laser treatments for all skin types!! Hint hint…..presents anyone!! 


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