Specsavers – The Big Review

Specsavers – The Big Review

For the most part of my life I’ve needed glasses and lets just say I haven’t always been pleased about it. As soon as I could, contact lenses became my saviour as I tossed my glasses aside, wearing as sparingly as possible.

This is until I had my bendy arm twisted by Specsavers Dundalk. The date was set and in I went. As first impression go, this one was ever so pleasantly surprising. There is no shortage of friendly staff, in the bright and busy store. I was spoilt for choice and the time came to select my frames……cue my backward worries.

Remember the saying ‘Boys don’t make passes to girls who wear glasses’ (Awful I know!!) Well think the EXACT opposite of that saying. The massive selection of frames could only be described as chic, edgy, classic, funky, and on trend….I honestly was struggling to narrow it down. And I couldn’t believe how rapidly my mind was changed about wearing glasses. Have a little look……

Ok so you can see where my taste was headed……So next up….

Testing Times

As part of the service, a free hearing test is conducted. A new experience for me but its always good to know. A through eye test followed with Martina Kelly, Owner and Optician, who was exceptionally professional, friendly, open and attentive. The results really surprised me as in fact I was wearing the wrong prescription, one that was too strong. And there I was dreading that I may need reading glasses too!! Not so, a huge relief to me. Brilliant!

Digital Prescription Eyecare

And now for the really smart bit. ‘Its called digital prescription eyecare and its a new way of making sure your glasses have the best lenses for your vision and lifestyle’

Heres a look at what happens….



A tablet is used to analysis important measurements and then lets you choose the lens options you want, by demonstrating on the tablet, so you can see the difference they make and what choices would suit you.

For example, my prescription would be deemed as quite strong so therefore my lenses would be thicker than I’d like! So I was advised on ‘Superthin Light Lenses’ with ‘UltraClear Superclean’ (anti-reflection, scratch resistant, repelling water, dust and smudges) Brilliant for my TV work! And for driving my fabulous Moschino glasses have ‘Polarising Lenses’ filtering 100% UV light and eliminating glare. Brilliant for driving, trust me, they are AMAZING!!      


My glasses were ready in a few days and excuse the pun……I haven’t looked back. I now wear my glasses at least twice a week, and my lenses not as special as they once were.

My experience in Specsavers Dundalk was wonderful. Martina is doing something very right, with her staff aplenty in the store, with their efficient but friendly approachable way about them.


So if you call Specsavers in Dundalk on 042 -9326806 and say the word ‘SPECTACULAR’ you’ll get €20 0ff their designer ranges of Glasses from €149-€199.

Or pop in and visit,

11-12 Eimear Court, Market Square, Dundalk.

So I’ve just one question for you, what are you waiting for? 

Love Caroline xx

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